Who We Are


Every religious order has its own “Charism” — a grace or talent granted to us by God. The Charism of the CDNK Sisters is:

“Simplicity and Readiness to do the will of God for his glory, and for the salvation of humanity.”

The CDNK Sisters strive to respond their lives, they submit themselves to the will of God by living life simply and courageously witnessing Christ through our ministries. This Charism is nurtured by the encouraging words of the first formator, Sister Mary Felicitas Tirpitz CPS, whose Motto was:

“Do all things for the praise and glory of God and for the salvation of humanity.”

The Symbols of Our Logo

Candle: The flaming light of the candle, symbolizes the light of Christ. It means that as a Congregation we are committed to witness Christ in wherever we work. We are called to shine and illuminate the world through our own lives. (cf. Lk. 11:33; Jn. 8:12)

Cross and Ave Maria: The cross and Ave Maria symbols are a signification of our salvation. Mary, as the first disciple and as the one who cooperated in the work of Redemption (Co-Redemtoris) is our Patroness and our model in the way of following the Gospel of Christ.

Lily: The Sisters of Our Lady of Kilimanjaro honor St. Joseph as a model of humility, honesty, innocence and filial trust. Thus, the Lily represents our dedication to the spread of these virtues, with St. Joseph as our model.

Seven Streams: The number ‘Seven’ stands for perfection. It also represents the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit. These seven streams flowing from the mountain symbolize the ever-flowing love of God which nourishes and nurtures the life of each member of our congregation. We as a congregation are committed to nourishing the lives of the people we servewith immense love and tireless zeal.

The Word of God and the Eucharist: The word of God and the daily Eucharist form the central part of our mission. The word of God and the Table of the Eucharist are everlasting source of our daily strength for our apostolate.

Open Hands: The open hands represent our readiness and openness to serve humanity without boundaries or discrimination. As a congregation, each member is ready and open to do God’s will at any time and any place as the needs dictate.