Who We Are

Our Future Expectations and Strategies of the Congregation

  1. To deepen our spiritual life through on-going formation, including: retreats, seminars, spiritual directions and counseling.
  2. To expand apostolate and service so as to reach more people in different societies, especially, those most-in-need.
  3. In accordance with the vision of the founder — to work as missionaries, members are to be prepared to go and spread the Good News to the people outside the country.
  4. Preparation of starting Provinces so as to simplify services and communications among members and leaders.
  5. As the Congregation grows, we aspire to have a spiritual center for retreats for our members and other people.
  6. To educate more members on all levels from secondary education to University level in spiritual and secular sciences.
“Prayers and little gestures silently sow the seed of God's love in the field of the world, making all things new. These gestures can make the world more beautiful, of illuminating it with a ray of God's love. ”
—Pope Francis