Who We Are

Our Goal

To follow Christ through the sanctification of individual members doing apostolic work and other charitable services for the well being of humanity and their salvation.

Who We Are – Our Mission

Our apostolate includes Evangelization through: Prayers for all people, social work, pastoral care, administrative tasks, teaching, arts and crafts, parish ministries, hospitals and health services as well as caring for the disabled, the poor and homeless.

Our first formator encouraged all the members to use their talents to the fullest, saying, “The Congregation can help you to use your talents for the glory of God and for the salvation of mankind”. This is why the Congregation constantly tries to develop the talents of the members through education in various sectors as mentioned above.

In his encyclical Redemptoris Missio [56], Pope Paul VI encourages those who have consecrated themselves for the work of the Gospel, “May the most beloved Mother of the Lord, after whose example you have consecrated your lives to God, obtain for you in your daily journeying that lasting joy which Jesus alone can give. May your life, following her example, give witness to that “maternal love, which should animate all those who, associated in the apostolic mission of the Church, collaborate in the regeneration of men.” [72] The Pope cherishes the consecrated life in the Church by giving his apostolic blessings – “May the joy of the Lord transfigure your consecrated life and may His love make it fruitful. With deep affection We bless you in His name.

We learn from Pope Paul VI that, all forms of missionary activity in the Church are marked by an awareness that one is furthering human freedom by proclaiming the Gospel. “The Church must be faithful to Christ, whose body she is, and whose mission she continues. She must necessarily "go the same road that Christ went-namely a road of poverty, obedience, service and self-sacrifice even unto death, from which he emerged a victor through his resurrection. The Church is thus obliged to do everything possible to carry out her mission in the world and to reach all peoples. And she has the right to do this, a right given her by God for the accomplishment of his plan (Redemptoris Missio # 39 & 63). The goal of the CDNK sisters is to expand our apostolate to any corner of the globe wherever our services are needed. So far, we have done just that, and efforts are under way to extend our services to other parts of the world.

Every member of the sisters of Our Lady of Kilimanjaro is a missionary in different ministries. After the first profession a religious nun is sent out to witness and proclaim the Gospel. Pope Francis states that “We are given our mission at Baptism. This mission leads us to new trails and new paths that are meant to bring us back to God and bring others along with us towards him. Jesus instructs, “Go out to the whole world and tell the Good News” (Mark 16:15). Jesus is inviting us to reach out to others and witness him throughout our life, knowing that we are never alone in our apostolic journey as he promised to be with us until the end of the world (Matt. 28:20). Let us courageously open our eyes and ears to see and hear Jesus in the poor in our world today.