Sr. Dr. Martine Shayo CDNK Graduates with a Doctoral Degree in Canon Law

Sr. Dr. Martine Shayo, a member of the Sisters of Our Lady of Kilimanjaro (CDNK), from the Catholic Diocese of Moshi, in Tanzania, successfully defended her Doctoral Degree from the Ponttifical Urbanian University in Rome. Her thesis covered, “The Patrimony of an Institute of Consecrated Life with Special Reference to the Sisters of Our Lady of Kilimanjaro (CDNK) in the light of Canon 578.” {Amana na utajiri wa Mashirika ya Kitawa Mintarafu Shirika la Masista wa Bibi Yetu wa Kilimanjaro, CDNK kulingana na Sheria za Kanisa Namba Namba 578.}

She made her research under the close supervision of Professor Ndiaye Antoine and Professor Attila Yawovi Juan. In a radio interview, Dr. Shayo told Radio Vatican that she focused her thesis on the Charisms of Religious Orders (Congregations) today as they groom vocations to the religious life, nurture them and enculturate their religious values to suite modern day needs, while at the same time, reading the signs of the times in line with Canon Law requirements (CD 578).

Elaborating the directives as contained in Canon 578, Sister Dr. Shayo, reminded her fellow women religious to always read the signs of the times to remain relevant to today's physical and spiritual needs of God's people to whom they are ministering. This will help them make necessary and safe changes and adaptations in the way they teach and impart their religious values and spirituality to the younger generations without altering the spiritual and religious values and disciplines as promulgated in Canon 578.

To succeed in this endeavor, Sr. Shayo invites all women religious to embark on education programs that will equip them with the relevant knowledge and understanding of what is expected of them in serving the people of God entrusted to their care in our modern culture. Speaking to Vatican Radio, she said she is grateful to God for the knowledge and education she has received. Sr. said she will maximize its use and generously share it with her fellow sisters in her congregation's evangelization programs.

In conclusion, Sr. Dr. Martine said she is very grateful to so many people who have assisted her in her studies, including, and especially, the CDNK Leadership and all members, whose contributions have substantially enabled her to graduate with a Doctoral Degree in Canon Law. member, “Do whatever he tells you” (John 2:5).