CDNK Sisters work across a wide variety of ministries, but providing religious education is their highest priority, regardless of their individual profession. Members work tirelessly to prepare children of all ages for sacraments, teach religious education in schools and colleges, prepare catechumens for baptism, and organize seminars and retreats for different groups. To prepare for this vital ministry, the sisters take a two-year course of catechesis to empower them to proclaim the Gospel.

This two-year course is just part of the CDNK Sisters’ ongoing efforts to grow spiritually and continue to carry on their lifelong commitment to providing religious education. Retreats, spiritual seminars, workshops, weekend prayers and monthly recollections are essential elements of ongoing formation that sustain their spiritual growth and enable them to tirelessly carry on this important work. These essential opportunities inspire profound reflection on many blessings of consecrated life, and allow us to reverently praise and thank God for his unconditional love. Ongoing formation provides the opportunity to foster the sisters’ intimacy with God and nurtures good relationships with all people and with the whole creation.