Stages of Formation – Postulancy

This is the time for making discernment. The aim of the Postulancy is to give them sufficient religious formation as a preparation for the novitiate. The aims include:

  1. To have a deeper knowledge of the Congregation, its history, charism, and apostolate.
  2. The Congregation and the postulant will come to deeper understanding and discernment of the postulant’s capabilities and vocation to the Congregation.
  3. To help her gradually rid herself of the worldly spirit and orient herself for life in the novitiate.
  4. To discover whether the postulant has a real call to our Congregation, and how she should respond to it.
  5. To make sure that the postulant acquires sufficient human and spiritual growth necessary for successful religious life.


  1. Manifestations of spiritual, personal and physical growth.
  2. A readiness to be directed, cooperate with others and help one another.
  3. Good foundation in spiritual life,
  4. Good health and other endowments required by our Congregation.

The duration for postulancy is one year.