Our History – The History of the Congregation 1931-1984

Founding Sisters
The Congregation started on the June 29, 1931. The first candidates made their formation and on February 2, 1934 they made their first vows. After making their vows, the sisters were appointed to go to different parishes such as Mkuu, Kibosho, Kilema, and Gare. Their services included teaching, caring for the sick, religious instruction, and social services and other numerous charitable works.

Pope Paul VI in Redemptoris Missio [55] talks to us Religious: “The joy of always belonging to God is an incomparable fruit of the Holy Spirit, and one which you have already tasted. Filled with the joy which Christ will preserve in you even in the midst of trial, learn to face the future with confidence. To the extent that this joy radiates from your communities, it will be a proof to everyone that the state of life which you have chosen is helping you by the threefold renunciation of your religious profession to realize the greatest possible expansion of your life in Christ.” Having tasted the fruits of the Holy Spirit for over last ninety years of our existence as a CDNK Congregation, we have endeavored to put the Pope’s guidelines in practice. We have reached out to people’s physical and spiritual needs in many areas. We have built a good number of health facilities and educational institutions. Although we were founded to serve the diocese of Moshi in Tanzania, our apostolate now extends to five more countries in the world. We thank God for this opportunity to serve his people.

Saint Pope John Paul II in his encyclical “Vita Consecrata” explains the meaning of the call to the consecrated life: “It is an initiative coming wholly from the Father (cf. Jn 15:16), who asks those whom he has chosen to respond with complete and exclusive devotion. The experience of this gracious love of God is so deep and so powerful that the person called senses the need to respond by unconditionally dedicating her life to God, consecrating to him all things present and future, and placing them in his hands. (17). We are called to respond to this call and the interior attraction which accompanies it, as we are called to entrust ourselves to the love of God who wishes us to be entirely at his service, and we consecrate ourselves totally to him and to the salvation of his people. “The evangelical counsels are thus above all a gift of the Holy Trinity. The consecrated life proclaims what the Father, through the Son and in the Spirit, brings about by his love, his goodness and his beauty. In fact, "the religious state reveals the transcendence of the Kingdom of God and its requirements over all earthly things. To all people it shows wonderfully at work within the Church the surpassing greatness of the force of Christ the King and the boundless power of the Holy Spirit "(John Paul II # 20).

70 Years of Consecrated Life
60 years Years of Consecrated Life
50 years Years of Consecrated Life
25 years Years of Consecrated Life
Final Vows
First Vows
Procession for Final Vows