Our History – Leadership

The history of starting and forming the Congregation was done step by step from one leader to another. Each one was guided by the Holy Spirit. The Rt. Rev. Henry Gorgarty C.S.Sp. founded the Congregation. He was succeeded by the following bishops: Rt. Rev. Joseph Byrne C.S.Sp, Rt. Rev. Joseph Kilasara C.S.Sp., Rt. Rev. Joseph Sipendi, Rt. Rev. Amedeus Msarikie and currently by Rt. Rev. Izaac Amani.

Bishops of Moshi Diocese, Tanzania

bishop gogarty
bishop byrne
bishop kilasara

Bishop Henry Aloysius Gogarty
 November 28, 1923 - December 8, 1931

Bishop Joseph James Byrne
November 29, 1932 - May 15, 1959 

Bishop Joseph Kilasara
January 12, 1960 - November 3, 1966

bishop sipendi
bishop msarikie
bishop amani

Bishop Joseph Sipendi
January 11, 1968 - April 29, 1985

Bishop Amedeus Msarikie
March 21, 1986 - November 21, 2007

Bishop Isaac Amani Massawe
November 21, 2007 to date

The formation of the Congregation was carried out by different sisters, starting with Mother Felicitas Tirpitz C.P.S., the first Superior and Formator for 42 years. She handed over the leadership to indigenous sisters in 1973.

The first Superior General was Mother Cecilia Mbuya CDNK (1973-1988), followed by Mother Agreda Mosha CDNK (1988-2001), who was then followed by Mother Phina Mushi (2001- 2013), who handed over leadership to the current Superior Generial, Mother Theresia Buretta, in 2013.

Superior Generals of CDNK

Mother Felicitas Tirpitz C.P.S.
1931 - 1973

Mother Cecilia Mbuya CDNK
1973 - 1988

Mother Agreda Mosha CDNK
1988 - 2001

Mother Phina Mushi CDNK
2001 - 2013

Mother Theresia Buretta CDNK
2013 - present

The Congregation's Supreme Council, 2013 to Date

supreme council