The slideshow below shows some examples of the educational and vocational services we provide.

August 6, 2013 - Jubilee Celebration

Services – Educational & Vocational

CDNK administers many schools and training centers, including:

  1. Mailisita Vocational Training Centre, Hai (since 1982)
  2. St. Felistas Luguruni Primary School, Dar-es-Salaam (since 2005)
  3. Mtakuja Primary School, Chekereni (since 2006)
  4. Igoma Primary School, Mwanza (since 2005)
  5. St. Joseph Pimary School, Rombo  (since 1996)
  6. St. Mary Goretti Secondary School, Moshi (since 1999)   
  7. Imani Vocational Training Center 2, Chekereni (since 2000)
  8. Tumaini Center (since 2006)
  9. St Francis Assisi Primary School, Boma Ngombe (since 2004)   
  10. Bishop Henry Gogarty Secondary School, Arusha (since 2011)

There are other diocesan schools which are administered by our members such as: Kibosho Girls Secondary School, Kiraeni Girls Secondary School and Narumu Secondary School. Also, there are other members who are teaaching in the government schools, such as Weru-weru Secondary School.