Services – Health

The slideshow below shows some examples of the health-related services we provide.

The Congregation works to develop the whole human being in all aspects: spiritually, physically, and mentally.

Within health sectors, there are:

      1. Huruma School of Nursing, Rombo (since 1983)
      2. St. Joseph Hospital, Soweto (since 2000)
      3. Tumaini Orphanage Centre at Huruma, Rombo
      4. Kiraeni Dispensary, Rombo (since 1967 )
      5. Mailisita Dispensary, Hai (since 1984)
      6. St. Benedict Hospital, Luguruni, Dar es Salaam (since 1998)
      7. Tumaini Health Center, Arusha (since 2006)
      8. Nkoroi Dispensary, N’gon,g Kenya (since 2007)

Members of the Institute are also giving services/administrating in the following Diocesan Hospitals:

      1. Huruma Hospital, Moshi, Tanzania
      2. Bugando Hospital, Mwanza, Tanzania
      3. Bukumbi Hospital, Mwanza, Tanzania
      4. Kibosho Hospital, Moshi, Tanzania
      5. Kilema Hospital, Moshi, Tanzania
      6. Minga Hospital, Zambia
      7. Lumezi Hospital, Zambia
      8. Nzera Health Center, Geita Diocese

We also administer different dispensaries within and outside of Moshi Diocese.