St. Theresa School of Nursing

The newest nursing school in the Moshi Diocese is the St. Theresa School of Nursing, which is under development. This will be a diploma, hospital-based school, under the governance of the Sisters of Our Lady of Kilimanjaro, who are also administrators of St. Joseph Hospital.

Initial enrollment will be 50 students, men & women, and they hope to start classes in April 2019. Funding is urgently needed now to purchase furniture & equipment for the classrooms as well as equipment for the nursing skills learning lab. The Sisters have a goal of improving the quality of healthcare in the area. Qualified nurses are essential to reaching that goal. Of special interest, the graduates of this school will not only be qualified nurses but also midwives!

These items are still needed before the school can be opened to student nurses. Your donations will help us get the school up and running!

Please make checks payable to: Sisters of Our Lady of Kilimanjaro

Please mail checks to:

Sisters of Our Lady of Kilimanjaro
2210 Willowbrook Dr.
Clearwater, FL 33764
  • Classroom furniture: 100 desks & chairs: $5,500
  • Computers (8): $2900
  • White boards (2): $140
  • Photocopy machine: $1,227
  • Office printer: $363
  • File cabinet: $262
  • Locker: $216
  • Computer desk: $1091
  • Surge protector (2): $304
  • UPS (2): $500