A Word of Gratitude


Teresa Flanigan Visits Tanzania
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Pictured above, are our biggest benefactors who sponsored this website from "A" to "Z", paying all the bills for this website to exist. The picture displays the family of Mr. and Mrs. Flanigan and their five children: Teresa, Daniel, Michael, Patrick and Nicholas.

It all started with Sr. Luise Marie of the Congregation of the Sister Servants of the Eternal Word who requested her brother, Mr. Timothy Flanigan, to sponsor the Website for the CDNK Sisters. The Flanigan family embraced the idea and financed a trip to Tanzania for their daughter Teresa Flanigan, to collect all the data for the Website. All the pictures you see in this website are a result of her historic visit to Tanzania.

We, the CDNK Sisters take this opportunity to thank this extraordinarily generous family for this achievement. We have included the Flanigans in our Congregation as part of our family. Although physically separated from us by more than six thousand miles, the Flanigans are an integral part of the CDNK Sisters. They are always in our thoughts, hearts and prayers.

May the Good Lord bless and abundantly reward the Flanigans
both in this life and in the next.


Among the many things Mr. Timothy Flanigan and his family did to help us make this website a reality was to help us find a website developer who would take on the project and care enough about it to make sure that the final product represented who we are and allowed us to communicate our goal and mission to a larger audience.

Mr. Flanigan, through his sister Brigid Flanigan of Portland, Oregon, introduced us to Maggie Kean.

We, the CDNK Sisters, would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude and appreciation to Maggie for her patience and commitment. The scope of our work is so large, and we have so much information and so many photographs we wanted to share, and communication is not always easy. But with commitment and patience on both sides, we are off to a great start.

We cannot thank you enough for the job well done! Be assured of our daily prayers.

We hereby extend our warmest invitation to you to visit us in Tanzania and see for yourself the apostolate to which the CDNK Sisters are so committed.

May the Good Lord bless and reward you abundantly for your goodness.